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About Us

Emerging from the snowy depths of the winter of 2010, a group of horn players got together to warm up with some fun tunes. Led by trombonists Chris Plaskota and Ryan Chen, our rag-tag group of musical buffoonery quickly developed into the BlueLine Brass Band.

From our roots in the 2nd-Line beats of New Orleans to the most happenin' tunes of today, BlueLine plays all groove-able music: Pop/Funk/Soul/Ska/Hip Hop, and all with the extra energy and spirit of a killin' horn line. We play everywhere from house parties to street fairs, from cool summers in the park to hot nights at the club, and you can keep up with it all right here!  We’re the BlueLine Brass Band, and we make it all happen because, well, music is supposed to be fun-first.  Can you dig it?

Our rotating cast of characters includes:

Saxes - John Lewis, Chris Tabaczynski
Trombone - Chris Plaskota, Ryan Chen
Trumpet - Pete Walle
Tuba - Mike Frasier
Guitar - Alex Brown
Drums - John Van Duinen, Darren Lin

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